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Now this will contain spoilers. Just warning you.

5.Aliens of London/World War 3. The episodes that had the Slitheen. Aliens that would be threatening if they weren’t so silly and stupid. If you watch this two-parter. Just mute it. Trust me. It’s less painful that way.

4.Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel.
Yep another two-parter. Having seen the Cybermen in Old Who i can safely  say this was just embarrassing. RTD took them and turned them into stompy morons constantly saying the same word over and over. I wish i could delete these two episodes.

3.Last of The Time Lords.
Yep just one episode of a 3-parter. The previous two were fine (the ending of The Sound of Drums was especially entertaining) but this was just lame. For one the Doctor de-ageing. Done in a stupid “CLAP IF YOU JUST BELIEVE” way. Or basically, the worst Deus ex Machina ever.

2.Love and Monsters.
I saw this and 25 minutes in i was already in pain. Then the ending came and i’m shocked i’m not in a coma. As if being a toliet ghost in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets wasn’t bad enough. The actress plays a character that ends up being a face on a stone slab. One that gives off BJ’s. Horrifying. I suppose the writer forgot kids watch the show.

3. Journey’s End.
Yes the previous episode sucked too but this one made me seriously considering stopping. Say what you will about Love and Monsters but you can skip it and miss nothing. You cannot skip this one. While i didn’t see Davros or the daleks in Old Who before i saw this one. I have by now. The episode is even worse. Genesis of The Daleks is my favorite serial. So you can imagine how bad it is for me but was if the way they used Davros and the daleks wasn’t bad enough. Donna’s mindwipe made it even worse. i was not lying when i said this episode made me nearly stop watching the show. The only thing that kept me going was Neil Gaiman’s episode. I knew it was coming up shortly. The mind wipe moment was what did it for me. Donna was well developed and in one little moment. All that was gone. She was also my favorite companion of the RTD era. Rose bugged me and Martha was boring (although more useful than Rose). Even worse, Donna doesn’t die like the Doctor says she would in The End of Time part 1. For those who don’t know and have been reading this not caring about getting things spoiled, Russell T Davies tends to go dramatic with his scripts. Hence the “She will die!” BS. He will make the characters say these things regardless of plot holes or whether it’s consistent. Cause he doesn’t care.  
I suppose i could keep submitting more text for this account. Let's see how it goes.
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March 24, 2013
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